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Un examen exploratorio de graves surfistas: Implicaciones para la industria del turismo de surf.

Sotomayor, S., & Barbieri, C. (2016). An Exploratory Examination of Serious Surfers: Implications for the Surf Tourism Industry. International Journal Of Tourism Research18(1), 62-73. doi:10.1002/jtr.2033

total: 12


Surfing into spirituality and a new aquatic nature religion

Taylor, B. (2007). Surfing into Spirituality and a New, Aquatic Nature Religion. Journal Of The American Academy Of Religion75(4), 923-951.

total: 11


Maverick’s: Big-Wave surfing and the dynamic of ‘nothing’ and ‘ ‘something’ 

Beal, B., & Smith, M. M. (2010). Maverick’s: big-wave surfing and the dynamic of ‘nothing’ and ‘something’. Sport In Society13(7/8), 1102-1116. doi:10.1080/17430431003780047

total: 12


The Compelling Surf Life Story Of Jay Moriarty, Editor at. “The Compelling Surf Life Story of Jay Moriarity.” SurferToday, Accessed 18 Sept. 2018.

total: 15


Bethany’s Hamilton life story

Hamilton, B. (2018, September 18). Bethany hamilton – bethany’s story. Retrieved September 18, 2018, from

total: 15

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